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Cultivate the future generation of musicians
and culture-conscious leaders in Africa

Beautiful Mind Music Instrument Scholarship competition is eSwatini's first music instrument competition. Its goal is to cultivate African Children Youths as excellent musicians and culture-conscious leaders who can promote cultural diversity in their communities. The competition allows young musicians to present their musical talents in a virtuously competitive environment and gain reflective learning experience and networking opportunities. The competition is invigilated by global musicians according to international standards of musical excellence. 


BeautifulMind Music Instrument

Scholarship Competition

Past Competitions

Application Infromation 

* Both application fee and form need to be submitted to confirm your participation and receive the competition repertoire.


Young musicians aged from 7 to 18 years in eSwatini equipped with sufficient musical knowledge and skills to master the competition repertoire. 

Instrument Category: Piano / Violin / Viola / Cello / Contrabass / Flute / Trumpet / Clarinet / Ocarina /

How to Apply

 1. Fill out the application form via online or get the hard copy from Ntjilo office located inside the eSwatini Medical Christian University in Mbabane. ​

2. pay the application fee of R 100 at the office or through direct transfer to our bank account.

3. after we confirm submission of both application fee and form, we send the competition repertoire according to your instrument and performance level via online or onsite. 


Q: Can I apply with multiple instruments?

A: All applicants must apply for one instrument and select the appropriate performance level.

Q: How can I decide my performance level?

A: Basic (1-2 years ) / Intermediate Level (2-3 years) / Advanced  (3 years or longer)

2021 Competition Information

Date & Time: Dec 5th, 2021 (Sun) 

Venue: Mbabane Theater Club

Application Deadline: Oct 30th, 2021 

Application fee: E100 

* Both application fee and form need to be submitted to confirm your participation and receive the competition repertoire.


Basic Level

1st: R 1,500

 2nd: R 1,000

3rd: R 500

Intermediate & Advanced

1st: R 3,000

2nd: 2,000

3rd: 1,000

MVP: R 5,000

Beautiful Mind Music Teacher: R 3,000


Dec 5th, 2021 

3rd Annual

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