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Afterschool Orchestra Music

Education Program 

Learn through MUSIC, Grow in HARMONY

Through a quality orchestra education program, we create a safe, student-centered, and creative learning environment! Students fostered not only musical skills but, more importantly, social-emotional competencies, persistent learning habits, leadership and other foundational life skills! Our weekly classes are consisted of creative activities, music theory, instrumental group lesson, ensemble rehearsal, and semester-end concert.  Depending on the type of instrument, the lesson will be taught onsite by professionally trained Eswatini teachers or online by international musicians. 

Meet Our Teachers

Our team of music educators are graduates of current students of Eswatini Institute of Music and Art. 

About the Program

1. Term period: Our program runs by trimesters per year. Each term consists of 13-15 weeks. 

  • 1st term: Feb to April 

  • 2nd term: May to Aug 

  • 3rd term:  Sept to Dec

2. Classes available: Violin, cello, contra bass, clarinet, flute, trumpet, and ocarina

3. Class time: 3:30 to 5 PM on Mon, Tues, Thurs, FrI /  10 am to 12 pm  on Sat

4. Tuition fee

  • Infant class

  • Youth orchestra class

  • Ocarina class 

5. other info 

  • We accept students aged from 5 to 17 years old

  • Students will attend the class twice per week 

  • Transportation available upon additional fees 

  • Each class will be facilitated mostly in-person by professionally trained Eswatini teachers or online by international musicians. 

How to Join

1. Schedule to visit our office located inside Eswatini Medical Christian University, and take a short tour of our afterschool orchestra education program

2. Have a brief consultation with one of our teachers to choose the right instrument for your child according to his or her best interests, personalities, and other characteristics. 

3. Fill out the registration form and pay deposit to confirm the registration.

Please contact via or +268 7634 6449

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Music Theory 

 Students build a strong foundation of musical knowledge and sight-reading skills.


Creative Activities

Students express creative ideas and explore artistic senses through traditional dancing, singing, and arts and crafts activities. 

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Sectional Lesson

Students participate in rigorous individual practices and interactive group lessons.


Ensemble Rehearsal 

Students foster teamwork skills and musicianships through regular orchestra rehearsals.

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Semester-end Concert 

Students gain authentic stage experiences and strengthen self-esteem and a sense of achievement by presenting musical talents.  


Beautiful Mind Music Instrument Competition

Students present their musical talents in a virtuously competitive environment and gain significant amount of scholarships every year!

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