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"Quality Music Education for All African Children"

Africa Ntjilo Empowerment is launching the first Africa Youth Orchestra Festival (AYOF) from this coming Dec 2nd to 5th, 2021 through online and onsite! 


In partnership with international musicians and faculty from the US, South Korea, and South Africa, AYOF provides quality musical workshops and opportunities for networking and cultural dialogue towards young students and musicians in Eswatini. Moreover, both live and virtual festival concerts of profound orchestra performances will be opened to eSwatini and international audiences.  


Through music, we will unlearn our races, cultures, and backgrounds and share a moment of solidarity and hope. In the long term, we strive to invite other musical organizations and institutes across Africa and build a sustainable network to share knowledge and resources to achieve our vision of ‘Quality Music Education for all African Children!’ 

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 AYOF cultivates African youths as excellent musicians, global citizens, and culture-conscious leaders who can foster the cultural identity and diversity of Africa  


1. Provide profound musical trainings and cultural dialogue experiences to

African children and youths

2. Develop sustainable network and talents pathways between African children and

youths and international musicians

3. Increase awareness of African communities 

about the power of music for social change

and advocate for quality music education

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Social Impact

1.  AYOF drives holistic growth of orphaned and vulnerable children and youths in eSwatini and enhance their self-efficacy, social emotional competencies, and perseverant learning habits by providing quality music education. 

2.  AYOF equips with eSwatini music teachers and musicians and create more career opportunities and guidance.

3.  AYOF enlightens eSwatini parents and unite families by creating healthy and meaningful family time through authentic cultural experiences.

4.  AYOF increases awareness of eSwatini national leaders, government officials, and educators about the power of music and enhance advocacy for quality music education.

Music is such a powerful tool to deliver love and hope.

Through that power, our goal is to enlighten and unite children and youth in Eswatini at 2021 Africa Youth Orchestra Festival (AYOF).

As different instruments of orchestra make beautiful harmony together, we hope AYOF could invite and gather youths and musicians from diverse cultures and backgrounds and allow them to connect, learn from each other, and grow together.

We wholeheartedly thank all our sponsors and partners for their support. 

With love, 

Hee Jung Kim,

Founder and Executive Director of

Africa Ntjilo Empowerment 

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